Synchrotron Radiation in Art and Archaeology


Registration is currently closed.

The conference is being organised as a low-cost scientific meeting. The registration fee includes an electronic copy of the conference’s “Book of Abstracts,” the conference program booklet, refreshment breaks, and the welcome get-together.

The public lecture on Friday evening, June 8th, is free.

Entrance fees to the MMA will be included in the registration fees.

The social program includes: entrances to Museum, tours at IFA-CC and MMA conservation laboratory (and a visit to Brookhaven National Laboratory might be considered).

Registration fees:
Regular participant
before April 27, 2012
$ 200.00

after April 27, 2012
$ 300.00

before April 27, 2012
$ 100.00

after April 27, 2012
$ 150.00

Single day participation
$ 100.00