Short Course: Methods and Applications of X-Ray Absorption Fine Structure Spectroscopy

Course Software

The software package that will be needed for the course is Demeter. It includes the programs for data processing and analysis as well as examples of their use. 

The Demeter package is freely available for download from: 

The feff XANES workshop files are available to download from: 

The only requirement is that java be installed on the system being used.  The zip file includes installers for each operating system.  If someone is using Linux, you may need a fortran compiler as well.  gfortran is free and should work fine as long as it is relatively recent, i.e., version 4.3 or greater.   Most likely, no one will need to compile the code though.

**For those who would like to attend the hands on session on FEFF9 on Saturday, please make sure that your computers have java installed.** 

All participants should bring their own laptop computers for the course with the software pre-installed.