4th International Congress on Operando Spectroscopy

Getting to Brookhaven National Laboratory

If you would like our assistance in arranging transportation between JFK International or Laguardia Airports and Brookhaven National Laboratory, please send your flight itinerary (arrival and departure times) to Corinne Messana. Ms. Messana will coordinate group transportation between destinations. Transportation fees will apply.

Both airports are approximately 60 mi / 96.54000 km (1.5 hours) from BNL. There may be some waiting time, but we will attempt to keep the waiting time to a minimum.

If you prefer to make arrangements on your own, you can find directions and information for car rentals as well as other modes of transportation at the following links:  

Transportation betwen JFK Internatinal Airport and BNL

Transportation between Laguardia Airport and BNL

Directions from Area Airports

Ground transportation Services