4th International Congress on Operando Spectroscopy

Poster Sessions

Poster Sessions will be held on Monday (MP), April 30, and Tuesday (TP), May 1, at 5:30 p.m. 
Click here for the list of poster presentations

MP1 –MP14
Bridging the Gap Between Model and Technical Conditions

MP15 – MP21
Catalytic Bio-conversion Technologies

MP22 – MP26
Homogeneous/Liquid Phase Catalysis

MP27 – MP33
New Advances in Reaction Cells Including Improved Time and Spatial Resolution

MP34 – MP39
Post Deadline Poster

TP1 – TP8
Combining Operando Spectroscopy and Theoretical Studies

TP9 – TP14
Electrocatalysis: Fuel Cells and Related Technologies 

TP15 – TP34
Multi-technique Approach to Operando Spectroscopy 

Poster Size
Posters should no larger than 3' wide by 4' high, using PORTRAIT orientation. DO NOT EXCEED THIS SIZE. Easels cannot accommodate larger sizes or landscape orientation. The poster must be contained on one sheet of paper or poster board. If the poster is laminated, please do not double laminate.

Poster Title
Posters must have a title with lettering at least 1-1/2" high. Below the title, list the names of the poster authors and their affiliations. Ensure the poster is legible from a distance.

Poster Set Up
Posters set up and removal is as follows:
Session I: Sunday, April 29: noon - 4:00 pm
Session I: Monday, April 30: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm (Posters will be removed on Monday evening and stored in the Registration Office)
Session II: Tuesday, May 1: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm (Posters should be removed by student/postdoc before noon Wednesday)

A supply of push pins and velcro will be available in the poster set-up area. Matte board and poster board will not be available. Entrants are responsible for their posters and should be available during the Poster Session to answer questions about their work.