NSLS-II First-Experiments Workshop

Comments and Questions

What’s this “Comments and Questions” page all about?
We’ve created this tab as a method for collecting input from the community. You may pose questions that should be addressed, or simply make comments intended for NSLS-II scientists or the User Community. Simply put, we’d like to hear your thoughts regarding NSLS-II early science opportunities.

So, what is this Workshop intended to accomplish?
The workshop will identify key first experiments that may be conducted at the initial suite of NSLS-II beamlines, and will facilitate the formation of research teams to generate First Experiment Proposals for submission. The results of the workshop will help guide priorities for beamline experimental development.

I cannot travel to attend the workshop. How can I participate?
If you are unable to travel to the workshop but would like to share your ideas, please contact the beamline development group leader or the beamline BAT chair. Some breakout sessions are planning for remote participation and others will encourage submission of 1-2 powerpoint slides describing ideas for possible first experiments.

I’m not too familiar with the NSLS-II beamline capabilities. Where can I find information that describes the first beamlines?
The NSLS-II website has information describing the first beamlines. Please see http://www.bnl.gov/ps/nsls2/beamlines/.